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Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Limits "Blow Me" whistle SAVE a life!

Amazing true story! This was an email sent to us recently from a well known blogger.

"Did you know that the whistle you gave me had been super functional for me and had actually saved a life this afternoon? So I was with a worker that works for my Dad's coffee farm, we were in the middle of the farm, and this is in the mountains so the terrain is really steep. He was just hired so I was showing him the area where he will start working on, which is basically just cleaning up the weeds and preparing the area for tropical trees which my dad collects. So, anway, he slipped and he literally rolled down the mountain, luckily he was able to hold on to an orange tree cause there is a big drop that leads to the main highway and thats very far away.. I don't have my phone with me, and I can't go down to where he was, it was impossible to shout to ask for help because it will just be carried in the mountain air. I had made your whistle as a pendant, so I used it to call the attention of a car that passed by. The driver stopped, long story short, had called for help and the paramedics came with the ladder from the fireman. He's ok, no fractures, he just was unconcience for a while., but he's ok.

I had just realized that it's amazing how a simple small device can actually make a difference in an emergency situation. Thank you! So, I'll definitely wear it all the time:) It just strikes me the life is totally unpredictable"