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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why No Limits Underwear?

Why buy No Limits Underwear? To create a comfort zone so all men, especially gay men can feel beautiful. Women have Victorias Secret, that's what we want No Limits to be to men. You are more attuned to what people think (about yourselves), and are more considerate when choosing clothing, often asking "how does this look on me?" We want you to feel special. Confident in looking great in your underwear and feeling like the desirable person you are. You will feel energized, validated, wanted and appreciated. Self love starts from the inside-out, so does clothing a person and we all start with underwear.
What else sets us apart?

No Limits Underwear cares about YOU. In the near future, we will donate a portion of every sale to GBLT and human rights organizations. We want to be a voice and to make a difference in our world community. We are passionate about helping bring equality into the 21 st.century for all people who are discriminated against for their sex, be it the right for gays to marry, or women who have their sex mutilated in third world countries. We want to add our voice to the cause of freedom. We can do that, and you can do that by supporting No Limits Underwear.

Championing a cause, while purchasing great underwear is a win-win for everyone. No Limits is European styled with you in mind, it is made by the finest materials available with superior comfort, durability, unique/exiting patterns and great fit, which sets us apart from our competitors.
It doesn't stop there. We offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders, as well as distributor pricing for boutiques and stores. Our basic pricing is very competitive, if not cheaper than other up-scale stores.
No Limits. Compassion, Connectivity and Damn good underwear.

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